Twenty-Spot Loans is a personal and business lender via affiliate (The Funding Company). There are many different types of borrowing available.

NO VERIFICATION LOANS do not require verification of income, employment or assets; only credit report. Special military funding qualifies at scores as low as 620.

CASH only PERSONAL LOANS require a minimum score of 670 and proof of income. Funding takes place 7-10 days after submitting the contract. Interest rates are normally between 6-9% depending on the credit information, and with a 3-5 year term.

MCA FUNDING is the fastest, usually delivered in one day. $7500/month minimum revenue to qualify, and four of the most recent business bank statements must be submitted for approval.

BUSINESS TERM LOANS are fully documented. These loans require two years tax returns, the four most recent bank statements and additional documents may be necessary. Interest rates are normally low, falling between 6-9%.

Also available…
WORKING CAPITAL LOANS – Up to $100,000 * UNSECURED LINES OF CREDIT – Up to $250,000 * UNSECURED TERM LOANS – $25,000 to $500,000 * EQUIPMENT LOANS $25,000 to $150,000 * AR/INVOICE FINANCING – Up to 95% * COMMERCIAL SBA LOANS – Up to $5,000,000.

Company OverviewTwenty-Spot Loans is a PinkyIceTea Holdings LLC company; invest@pinkyicetea.com.

ProductsPersonal and Business Funding + $20,000-$200,000; Working Capital Loans + Up to $100,000; Unsecured Lines of Credit + Up to $250,000; Unsecured Term Loans + $25,000-$500,000; Equipment Loans + $25,000-$150,000; AR/Invoice Financing + Up to 95%; Commercial SBA Loans + Up to $5,000,000.